Join one of our partner programs now and start profiting from promoting our software.


OEM Partner

The OEM Partner Program is designed to provide computer service companies or system or peripheral manufacturers with an opportunity to license our software for their customers.


Ability to pre-install, add, or incorporate software solutions
Established manufacturer in your market


Increase your services and products perceived value with our award winning software
Clear added value for your customer base
Share the profit from the resulting sales in form of commission
Co-Branding or Brand the software with your company name and logo


Hardware Bundling

Our Hardware Bundling Program is designed for computer hardware manufacturers who are interested in incorporating with our Backup or Sync software with their products. Complementing your hardware products with our award winning software will provide you with a competitive edge.


Hardware Bundling is “No cost Bundling”

Commission from resulting sales



If you are in the IT business you surely know the benefits Backup and Sync software. Why not recommend it to customers you are already dealing with? Our Backup or Sync software are the perfect add-on to your portfolio of products and services.

By selling our Backup or Sync software you can offer your customers added value and generate additional income for your business.

Becoming a reseller is a quite easy.

No need to purchase a minimum amount of licenses within a certain period.
No paperwork necessary to sign up; everything will be done online.
No physical delivery of licenses necessary; licenses are delivered electronically by email. This means there won't be any extra costs.
Normally you will receive the registration keys for your customers within a few hours.